Haunted Antiques Midweek Ghost Hunts

The Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre (HAPRC) is based in Hinckley, Leicestershire and one of the beauties of this place is that it is not an attraction, nor is it a museum of “haunted” items. Yes, it is full of antiques, but the owners aren’t sure if they are haunted or not, that’s where the research and the paranormal comes into its own as you can pick up, hold, touch, wear, sit in, sit on or move the items at HAPRC. There’s a plethora of Victorian items, Militaria items, antique clowns, dolls, voodoo dolls, death masks, paintings, bones AND SO MUCH MORE, trust us this list is just scratching the surface. Who knows what energies, secrets, and history these items hold within them; what they’ve seen, witnessed and been part of.

But HAPRC is much more than this, it encourages interaction and investigation. It welcomes ghost hunters and paranormal investigators. It welcomes curious minds and respects people’s beliefs and opinions. There are so many areas to explore (over three floors) and so many different rooms each with their own stories and intriguing history.

The price is £20 per person, but we are now offering a special price for groups; 3 for £50, 5 for £75 and 7 for £99. Numbers are limited (8 people maximum).

We’ve been holding events at HAPRC since 2018 and the place baffles us, confuses us and amazes us after all these years. We would love you to come and investigate with us at HauntedLIVE. We can’t guarantee paranormal activity, but we can guarantee a warm welcome and a friendly relaxed evening. This is your night.

Other midweek dates and bespoke events may be available on request - drop us a line to let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Midweek Ghost Hunt 13th July 2022
Midweek Ghost Hunt 27th July 2022
Midweek Ghost Hunt 10th August 2022
Midweek Ghost Hunt 24th August 2022
Midweek Ghost Hunt 07th September 2022
Midweek Ghost Hunt 21st September 2022

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NB - Further dates may be available on request. If you are interested, please email contact@hauntedliveofficial.com for further details.

House Rules Over 18s. Alcohol is not permitted at any HauntedLIVE event.

Halloween at Bosworth Hall 2021


Dust off your gadgets, grab your gear, Ghost Hunting at Bosworth Hall is BACK!

We are #backatbosworth for our fourth year in what promises to be an emotional and fascinating evening for all. Our 2020 (and half of 2021) planned events were put on hold due to the issues raised by the pandemic, but we are really pleased to finally be kicking off our Bosworth Hall events with something very special.

A Halloween event actually on Halloween Night, the night the thin veil that apparently separates us from the underworld, that segregates the living from the dead, is at its thinnest; its weakest and most vulnerable. If there is a best time for apparent paranormal activity, surely it is on October 31st. The historic and iconic Bosworth Hall is literally a medieval cannon ball shot away from the infamous battlefield. It's teeming with energy and there's a real sense that with all the history of the hall, something paranormal is evolving with spooky sightings (from both guests and even the hotel staff!). There is a weird vibe to the history and mystery connected to Bosworth, both good and bad and (trust us) driving up the long drive and seeing the majesty of the building lit up in all its splendour sets the evening up right away.

Before our enforced hiatus, the activity experienced was definitely increasing with certain rooms giving the team and guests and a whole host of weird and often emotional experiences, both positive and negative.

We would love guests (old and new) to join us this Halloween, October 31st, 2021. We have limited our ticket allocation to create a more exclusive and intimate ghost investigation for those attending. Whist we can never guarantee you paranormal activity, as per usual we will ensure that you are fed and watered with the ever memorable Halloween buffet (unless Jason gets in there first). There will be vegetarian options available on request and as the location is a hotel, there are opportunities for you to stay overnight before, or after too perhaps even in one of the haunted rooms!

Will we encounter the mysterious ‘Grey Lady’ and further unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of Anne Dixie. We don’t know if any spirit, any energies, any attachments and anything else has missed us BUT one thing we know for sure, we have certainly missed them.

Hope to see you there! #dontbenormal - BE PARANORMAL
HauntedLIVE  Andy, Jason, Simon and Paul

* Alcohol is not permitted at any HauntedLIVE event.