Halloween 2019 at Bosworth Hall with HauntedLIVE

Halloween is one of HauntedLIVE's favourite times of the year and we are fortunate enough to have been invited back for our 3rd Halloween Ghost Hunt.

This history and mystery of this location never fails to impress and we believe it is becoming more and more active with each investigation as many of our frequent patrons agree.

Shortly before our Summer Solstice investigation, one of newly appointed night porters spotted 'The Grey Lady'. He has not since returned to his post. Will we encounter the troubled spirits from the Hall's time as a hospital or one of the matrons that may still roam the rooms? Or Anne - The Grey Lady herself who according to local lore came to a sticky end in one of the rooms.

Subject to weather conditions, the nearby woods and mysterious water tower can be explored. By day, a tranquil spot to wander; by night an eerie reminder that the restless dead from the Battle of Bosworth are just a stones throw away.

Friday 13th HLIVE @ Bosworth Hall

We limit the spaces to ensure that our guests have the best possible VIP experience. Make sure to book early to avoid any disappointment. Over 18s only, buffet provided with vegetarian option (let us know in advance). Alcohol is not permitted. 

HauntedLIVE Events at Haunted Antiques, Hinckley

The beauty of the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre is that it's not a museum of haunted items, the owners aren't sure whether all the items are haunted or not, and unlike most museums, you can pick up, touch, hold, sit in, sit on and move the items. Everywhere you turn there's an item with a past, an item with history. Are you brave enough to hold the Voodoo Doll (people who have held it have been ill not long after (coincidence, who knows?), hold a death mask, put it to your face, mess with the clowns (before they mess with you), see the haunting painting of the Crying Boy for yourself, hold Victorian bones and that's just for starters...

Multiple events available but as the venue is quite small we are restricting the numbers to a maximum of 10.

Who knows what energies these items have, what misery they've seen and witnessed? This is an amazing place and we'd love to invite you to the ghost hunts with us HauntedLIVE.

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NB - Further dates may be available. If you are interested, please email contact@hauntedliveofficial.com for further details.

  Watch our exclusive investigation with Barri Ghai here:

* Alcohol is not permitted at any HauntedLIVE event.