A Message from #HauntedLIVE

Hi everyone.

As you and the rest of the world are very aware, we are currently in the middle of an unprecedented global event that is now affecting our day to day life (and changing daily). We don’t really want to add any more pomp than you are already reading about so from an aspect of clarity, we are taking the unfortunate decision to postpone our event at Bosworth Hall, Friday (20th March).

We could have chosen the path of exercising the Do’s and Don’ts of dealing with Coronavirus, which does have its merits to which we have discussed internally at length, but we like to keep things simple at #HauntedLIVE so we have given FULL refunds to all the guests attending Bosworth Hall (no billy bullshit about non-refundable deposits), which will be rescheduled at a date sometime in the future.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re gutted not to be hosting the event on Friday, but we have to listened to our guests, taken on board their thoughts, their views and their health and safety concerns, which is paramount to us (as it should be for everyone).

We will discuss our ongoing monthly events at Haunted Antiques, Hinckley with Neil, the owner but we’re not shy of doing what needs to be done if it needs to be done. It’s with a heavy heart that we have postponed our event at Bosworth Hall as this location means the world to us.

We will (fingers crossed) be doing our regular lives, where you can watch us in the comfort of your own home, although we have to be careful with Jason, as over 70s have been told to look after themselves.😛

We hope you understand this decision and look forward to seeing you when the spectre of the coronavirus epidemic passes. These are interesting and thought provoking times for the UK and the rest of the world. As serious as it is, we continue to smile and laugh and try to keep positive cos that's who we are.

#DONTBENORMAL - Be safe, wash your hands, elbow bump each other & look after yourself, your parents & grandparents. We don’t want you to become full on proper paranormal just yet!

Andy, Jason, Paul and Simon

HauntedLIVE Event - Spring Equinox at Bosworth Hall 20-03-20

We are #BackAtBosworth for our third year AND back for a special Spring Equinox event investigating the historic, iconic Bosworth Hall - quite literally a ghost walk away from the infamous battlefield. This place is teeming with energy and a real sense that things are happening with spooky sightings and activity potentially on the increase. Joining us for the night is a direct descendant of the Dixie family so intertwined with the history of this building. Will this have an effect?

We would love guests old and new to join us this March 20th, 2020. We have limited our ticket allocation to 20 guests AND priced the event lower than ever before! Will we encounter the mysterious 'Grey Lady' and further unravel the mysteries surrounding the death of Anne Dixie?

This event has been cancelled.

If you haven't been before, the Hall, steeped in history, standing near the majestic battlefield that saw the War of the Roses where hundreds, including the King of England, Richard III drew their dying breath. This location never fails to impress and we believe it is becoming more and more active with each investigation. The poster above is a photo taken by one of the guests at our 2nd Halloween event capturing a strange shadowy figure in front of the mirror.

Whilst the area surrounding the Hall is picturesque, beautiful and quaint, its bloody history is nothing compared to the history of the Hall: “walls dripping blood, unrequited love, gambling debts, fights and sightings of the Grey Lady” and that's just for starters. The nearby woods and mysterious water tower add to the drama to make the evening simply unforgettable. 

  * Alcohol is not permitted at any HauntedLIVE event. Persons of 18+ only.

Haunted Antiques 2020 Dates Available

Things are about to change at Haunted Antiques in 2020... One of the beauties of the Haunted Antiques Paranormal Research Centre is that it's not a museum of haunted items, the owners aren't sure whether all the items are haunted or not - and unlike most museums! You can pick up, touch, hold, sit in, sit on and move the items. Everywhere you turn there's an item with a past, an item with a history. Are you brave enough to hold the Voodoo Dolls (people who have held it have been ill not long after (coincidence, who knows?), death masks - put them to your face, mess with the clowns (before they mess with you), see the haunting painting of the Crying Boy for yourself, hold Victorian bones and that's just for starters... This promises to be a dramatic year for the centre with plans for expansion later in the year.

Multiple events available but as the venue is quite small we are currently restricting the numbers to a maximum of 10.

Who knows what energies these items have, what misery they've seen and witnessed? This is an amazing place and we'd love to invite you to the ghost hunts with us HauntedLIVE.

January 14th 2020

February 12th 2020

March 10th 2020

NB - Further dates may be available on request. If you are interested, please email contact@hauntedliveofficial.com for further details.

  * Alcohol is not permitted at any HauntedLIVE event.